Evan's Home Page

Evan (age 5, size 5) is into playing with Duplos, doing arts and crafts, and reading books. (Her book-it program is over, and she is beginning to read by herself!) We still call her "Gator," but her alter-ego is "Marshmallow" the bunny. Evan is back on her old soccer team, with one of her preschool pals from UUMP.

Her favorite Duplos are animals, of which she has many:

She likes to parade them around the house in an orderly manner.

Evan was involved in the Book-It program at her school. The school met its goal of 4,000 books from October to February; Evan read* 624 books. As a reward, the school principal will make pancakes for the whole school!

The last book we read was appropriately On Beyond Zebra, by Dr. Seuss.

*Kindergarteners got credit for having books read to them.