Shaler  Stidham, Jr. 
Emeritus Professor 
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Office: 208 Smith Building, UNC Campus 
Telephone: (919) 843-6023
FAX: (919) 962-0391 
Mailing Address: CB #3180, UNC, Chapel Hill 
NC 27599-3180
Research Areas
Queueing Theory (optimal design and control, sample-path analysis);  Markov Decision Processes;  Telecommunications;  Revenue Management.
  • Stability and chaos in a service facility with adaptive customer response to congestion, with C.M. Rump.  Management Science 44 (1998) 246-261.
  • The underlying Markov decision process in the single-leg airline yield management problem, with C.J. Lautenbacher. Transportation Science 33 (1999) 136-146.
  • Airline yield management with cancellations, overbooking, and no-shows, with J. Subramanian and C.J. Lautenbacher.   Transportation Science 33 (1999) 147-167.
  • Monotone optimal policies for left-skip-free Markov decision processes, with R. Weber, in Recent Contributions in Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes (in honor of Julian Keilson), J.G. Shanthikumar and U. Sumita, eds., Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston (1999) 191-202. 
  • Optimal control in Markov chains,in Advances in Computational Probability, W. Grassmann, ed., Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston (1999) 325-364.
  • Sample-path conservation laws, with applications to scheduling queues and fluid systems, with T.C. Green, Queueing Systems:  Theory and Applications 36 (2000) 175-199.
  • Forward recursion for Markov decision processes with skip-free-to-the-right transitions, Part II:  non-standard applications, with J. Wijngaard,  Statistica Neerlandica 54 (2000) 160-174.
  • Relaxed asynchronous flow-control algorithms for multi-class service networks, with C. Rump, IIE Transactions 32 (2000) 873-880.
  • Conservation laws for single-server fluid networks, with N. Baeuerle, Queueing Systems:  Theory and Applications 38 (2001) 185-194.
  • Applied Probability in Operations Research:  A Retrospective, Department of Operations Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, November, 2001. [ .ps  version] [ .pdf  version]
  • Filtration of ASTA:  a weak-convergence approach, with M. El-Taha, J. Statistical Planning and Inference 100 (2002) 171-183.
  • Analysis, design, and control of queueing systems, Operations Research, Special 50th Anniversary Issue (2002).
  • Pricing and Congestion Management in a Network of Heterogeneous Users,  submitted to IEEE Trans. Auto. Control (2002). [.pdf version]
  • Pricing and Congestion Management in a Network of Heterogeneous Users, expanded version of above paper (2002). [.pdf version]

PhD Students

         Anita Brogan
Ph.D. in Operations Research from Stanford University in 1968. Assistant Professor in the Department of Operations Research and the Department of Environmental Engineering at Cornell University, 1968-75, spending 1971-72 at University of Aarhus, Denmark, and 1976-77 at Technical University of Denmark.  Associate Professor and Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Program in Operations Research at N.C. State University, 1975-86, spending 1982-83 as a Visiting Fellow at the Statistical Laboratory and Overseas Fellow at Churchill College, University of Cambridge.  Professor  in the Department of Operations Research at the University of North Carolina, 1986-2002, spending 1991-92 as Professeur Invité at INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France.  Chair of the Department from 1990-95.

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